Integrated Crop Management Technology Dissemination in The Batang District Through Rice Technology Demonstration



Batang regency is FEATI locations in Central Java. Some of these districts can categorized highlands, such as the Jambangan Village, Bawang District. Results of identification through farming systems analysis (FSA), the majority of local farmers (about 80%) effort is brown rice commodities, because the white rice in the area are not resistant to Blast disease. The main problem is the low productivity of Brown rice. The own-breeding seed’s productivity is only about 3.7 tons / ha, and the technology is still a traditional culture. Farmers badly wanted a Brown rice varieties and new breeding technologies.

Based on these conditions BPTP Central Java offers an alternative approach to solving problems through the Integrated Crop Management (ICM) of Rice, which was introduced varieties of Brown rice varieties Aek Sibundong and after getting ICM technology explanation farmer were enthusiast  to implement.  As a follow-up is technology demonstration activities involved of 2.25 ha paddy land and 16 farmer’s members of FMA Jambangan Village.


ICM's approach has increased the productivity for 63%, and the technology demonstration activities produced Aek Sibundong seed as much as 7814 kg. The seed has been spread not only in the Bawang district , but also to other districts such as Blado, Reban, Tersono, Gringsing. Whereas the Legowo row planting system has expanded up to approximately 8 ha in Jampangan, Jlamprang, Bawang, Sangu Bangu, Wonosari, Getas, Kalirejo, and Gunungsari. From the institutional aspect, ICM technology demonstration encourage FMA Bawang Village to produce Sibundong Aek seeds in a sustainable. In the year 2009, the marketing of seeds still through local BPSB, since farmers do not have experience as a breeder seed but in the future they hopes to be able to market own-seeds product themselves. Qualitative observations on the implementation of the technology demonstration shows that the transformation of farmers attitudes, knowledge and skills. Agricultural extension workers (PPL) districts play a major role in the dissemination of technology, so that the Jambangan Village FMA as one of the locations of reference for other farmers either from within or outside the country who need information about Rice ICM. This obviously is a very positive impact for the development of Rice ICM, especially in Batang regency.



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