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In the period of 2010-2014 Indonesian Center for Assessment and Development of Agricultural Technology (ICADAT) together with AIsAT plans 8 main programs:

  1. Inventing and directive of the location specific human resource development;
  2. research and assessment on national, regional and location specific superior agricultural innovations;
  3. the acceleration of location specific agricultural innovation dissemination;
  4. The assessment of industrial agriculture innovation models;
  5. The analysis of Agricultural Development Policies on the basis of Agricultural innovations;
  6. Partnership collaborations on researches, assessments and developments of location specific agricultural innovations;
  7. Assisting the agricultural development strategic programs;
  8. The development of institutional capacity and accountability.

Structurally, ICADAT is led by the Director of a Center at the level of echelon II b, and has one Unit and Two Divisions, i.e. Administrative Unit , Program and Evaluation Division, and Collaboration and Assessment Result Utilization. In addition, there are functional group staffs such as Researchers, Extension Officials, Research and Development Technicians, and Public Relation Officers at ICADAT.

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