Qualified Pure Coconut Oil: A Product of Pariaman Farmer

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The success of UP FMA of ”Koto Baru”, Padang Sago, Padang Pariaman, make it becomes one of the champions of UP FMA in the national level in 2011. The success began from the learning activity entitled technology of pure coconut oil which is catalized by bromelin enzyme. The delivered subject was based on the local potency as a coconut production center. The coconut plantation area in the district reached 450 hectares with the production about 4.5 millions coconuts in a year. The problem faced in coconut farming is a low price of the raw coconut. This condition compounded by inefficiency in processing technology so it makes the quality of oil produced was low.


After learning activity followed by 25 participants was carried out, 16 of participants had been implemented the processing technology and succeeded to increase oil production, quality as well as the shelf life of coconut oil. By implenting the technology, the quality improvement including the scent of coconut oil produced became better, more shiny color, and a longer shelf life that is about 9 months, where in  the traditionally processing the coconut oil can be retained for a month only. The application of processing technology  has also an impact on selling price of the palm oil which increases from 10,000 - to 13,000 rupiahs for a bottle sized 300 ml.

The markets for selling the coconut oil are local, sub district, and district markets as well as restaurants. Nowadays, the production reaches 200 bottles for a month. The large-scale demand, such as from "Ahmad Mukhtar" Hospital in Bukit Tinggi and Padang food seasoning entrepreneur in Pekanbaru-Riau, can not be met since they do not have the proper equipment for large-scale production process.

In 2011, the learning activity has been continued taking a topic of Agribusiness and Quality Improvement of Pure Coconut Oil. The main activity was how to prepare Household Industrial Production Permit (IP-IRT) and also about packaging and labelling, so that the poduct has a license (IP-IRT) and been packaged with a good plastic bag.

The success of the UP-FMA make it becomes the object to visit and study. The UP-FMA also obtained financial support from  the Directorate General of Plantation through the Local District Agriculture and Plantation Service  of Padang Pariaman by disbursing fund of PMD (Village Building Mover) as muh as Rp.196,050,000 for the procurement of materials and processing equipments.


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