FMA of "Maju Bersama" Develop Beef Cattle Agribusiness

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Based on the result of Farming System Analysis (FSA), UP-FMA of “Maju Bersama” submits a proposals for learning activities on the tittles of Cattle Farming Technology (2008), Beef Cattle Agribusiness (2009), and Compost Utilization in The Cultivation of Vegetables (2010). Furthermore, in order to support these activities, West Sumatera AIAT carried out demonstration plot as well as provide resource persons in many learning activities.

In order to drive the enhancement of the cattles’ weight by utilizing the potential of local feed, for example tofu pulp which has not yet been exploited, West Sumatra AIAT conducts an assessment activity on feeding additional local feed. The material applied was tofu pulp added by the concentrates (50% rice fine bran, 20% coconut cake, 20% corn flour, 5% fish flour, 4% ultra mineral, and 1% salt). The mixture as a ration was fed daily to cattle as much as 2 kg of tofu pulp and 2.5 kg of concentrates.

The additional feeding may provide the additional weight of a cattle for 0.8 to 1.2 kgs for a day. Moreover, the additional feed can make the rearing time shorten from 1.5 – 2 years to 6 – 8 months to gain the same added value. Nowadays, more than 65% of farmers have already adopted  the local feeding technology, so the avaibility of tofu pulp in this area becomes insufficient.

Besides the feed technology, composting technology is also introduced to get more added value and also to decrease the waste of cattles’ manure. The use of decomposers such as Stardek, Biodek, Trichoderma and others is conducted as the technology of decomposting. As the effect of this technology, UP FMA of ”Maju Bersama” can produce about 20 ton of compost in a week and the activity has been implemented by 3 farmer groups in their activity. The success of the UP-FMA has been appreciated by the partners, so the partnership in compost production can be realized. In the year of 2010 and 2011, this UP-FMA has been appointed as a partner by Dinas Pertanian (District Agriculture Service) to produce 20 tons compost/year with selling price Rp.700,-/kg.
Also, the private sectors (Toyota Food Foundation, Suffido, Pelangi Group and others) offer the partnerships to the UP-FMA to provide their compost supplies. But, there are some constraints such as the capacity of production and the quality standard. To improve the production, in the year of 2011, West Sumatera AIAT conducted demfarm to enrich the elements of compost especially Nitrogen by adding  Thitonia SP in composting and urine processing
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