Direction of BPTP in Scaling Up Support FMA

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Located in the Hotel Ria Diani Bogor (6-8/5), the managers FEATI BBP2TP met in the event the scope of the Audit Statements First Quarter 2011. One important agenda is the consolidation time BPTP support in scaling up FMA. This was conveyed by Head. Program and Evaluation, Dr. Ketut G. Mudiarta when opening the event.

Scaling-up itself is a scale business development activities conducted by the FMA in producing an agricultural product that the market needed. "Scaling-up aimed at improving product quality with the quantity of the same or also increases" remarked Dr. Rani Pearl (FEATI Technical Centre). "The Role of BPTP in scaling up is to provide input in support of technology" he said. "The opportunity to scaling-up could in district and subdistrict levels, depending on the scale of their business" he added.
In conducting scaling-up, there are four main elements, namely the existence of local government support, the support of financial institutions that can provide a variety of alternative sources of capital, the existence of new technology inputs and a pattern of input and partnerships in the insurance market.


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