Working meeting of IAARD: realizing four successes of the Ministry of Agriculture

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Working meeting that began on Thursday morning (2/12) attended no fewer than 300 participants consisting of the Minister of Agriculture, Director of IAARD, the Secretary of IAARD, Director of Echelon II, Head of AIATs, Head of commodity research centres, researchers, engineers, librarians scope of IAARD as well as several private company partners. The meeting begins with a report from Director of IAARD and obtains the theme of “Bureaucracy Reformation for Improving the Quality and Outcomes of Research Activities Supporting Four Successes the Ministry of Agriculture.”


In the opening report, Director expressed the four of meeting agenda which are evaluation of the performance in 2005 – 2009, achievement of the programs in 2010, improvement the quality and outcomes of research activities and utilization of research results supporting four successes the Ministry of Agriculture. “This meeting is expected to generate outputs in the form of action plan to reform the bureaucracy and improve the quality and outcomes of research activities supporting Four Successes the Ministry of Agriculture, “he explained. Moreover, he stated that IAARD is the research institute where its quality and results of researches shown from two indicators. First, the scientific recognition that means the results of research activities such as varieties and seeds can be justified scientifically and can compete in international level. “The second indicator is the impact recognition. The results of researches should be applicable and easily adopted by the wider communities and societies as well as have impact on economic growth, “he said.


On his report, he reiterated about disaster events, and as direction from the Minister of Agriculture IAARD has conducted a special study of disaster impacts with focusing on development and rehabilitation of lands, crops and livestock. IAARD has set up spatial data as a policy. At the end of the report, Director of IAARD also stressed the importance of synergism with other echelon I to achieve four successes the Minister of Agriculture.


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