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A year ago, also in October, a similar workshop was held in Batu, Malang. Workshop of Website Management was held on 6th – 8th October as the follow up of the previous workshops in MMCC, Yogyakarta and opened by Dr. M. Sabran, Head of collaboration and public relation of IAARD as the representative of the Secretary of IAARD. His referral highlighted the lack of attention to the budget allocation for the management of information systems and information technology including the travel budget of participants who participate in coordination meeting which is held 2 times every year. He stated that he tried to communicate this situation with program division of IAARD Secretariat.


This event was followed by 47 participants who are structural officer and the website manager of AIATs. The material presented in the workshop consists of: (1) Dissemination Standards General Guidelines Application Development/Database Management and Standards General Guide Website AIATs scope; (2) Web Site Evaluation (3) Tips & Tricks Web metrics Ranking Increase Web Site IAARD; (4) Writing tips on Website/Online; (5) Implementation and Integration of Digital Library (e-catalogue) into CMS Templates and (6) Updating website BPTP using CMS Template version 2.0. The materials provided were intended to enhance the look of the website as well as user-friendly tool, so it will be easily accessed by anyone who wants to send news. Ease of manufacture is indicated by the user account for people who register or log in.


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