IAARD cares to Merapi: committed to farmers is not just a slogan

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It is no doubt that Merapi mountain eruption which began on October 26th 2010 and reached its peak on November 6th has paralyzed economies and people’s lives in the adjacent areas of the mountain. The impact not only claimed the lives of 275 people but also it caused substantial material losses such as illness and death of livestock, destruction of land, water and some crops as well as destruction of hundreds residential houses of citizens. It also can be denied that the agricultural sector is very affected by the disaster.

This event has prompted the concern of IAARD to take action programs which area realized in the form of Merapi disaster impact assessment. Quick assessment and special studies have been conducted by the integrated team containing of various working units and technical implementation units IAARD. The team has started its work since mid-November and produced some operational recommendations in the way to launch short, medium and long term program in the future. The assessment was conducted comprehensively because it involved various aspects like natural resources (land, water, crops, livestock), human resources and infrastructures.

Concern of IAARD is not certainly limited to quick assessment and special studies of the impacts of disaster but also manifested in concrete action programs including recovery, rehabilitation and revitalization programs of agricultural sector affected by the disaster. IAARD also delivers aid such as cattle feeds; cattle veterinary medicines and cattle cage (knock down) as the real action. In line with this real action, IAARD also designs a medium rehabilitation program expected to be integrated to area of refugee relocation program as well as the design of long term program. This program will be focused on development and rehabilitation of livestock, snake fruit plants, rain water harvesting model as well as food crops, horticulture and plantations. All the concerns of IAARD of course need to be supported because it is the appropriate time for all of us to gait real action toward farmers. If not now and not we care so when and who will care about our farmers? Committed to farmers is not merely a slogan. Isn’t it?


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