Namlung Fruit tree: A superior fruit tree resulted from BPPT Bangka Belitung Islands exploration

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Success Story from BPTP Bangka Belitung Islands


Namlung Fruit tree, this name was deeply adhered in the hearts of people who love fruit tree, however the origin and founder of this fruit was not widely known. Namlung fruit tree was a research result from BPPT Bangka Belitung Islands (was IP2TP Petaling Bangka) in searching superior local fruit tree.

The searching of superior local fruit tree was started in 1996 as the answer to Mr. Ayub (the late Major of Pangkalpinang) request for IP2TP Petaling to recommend local superior fruit tree for public. The searching for information and traces from an area to other areas was done, starting from Baturusa Kota Kapur and finally IP2TP arrived at Jebus Darat village, Jebus District Bangka Regency (now West Bangka). The trace led the IP2TP team to the only one and old tree owned by a Chinese ethnic named Pak Namlung.

This type of fruit tree was very delicious, with thick flesh and soft fibers and coloring with white-yellowish. If the flesh is smelled no alcoholic flavor is dispersed. The seed of fruit tree is oval with 1 – 2 seeds while other 10 – 11 seeds are flat. The team was then decided to cultivate and called the fruit tree after the owner’s name, Namlung.

This fruit tree was then included in the contest of superior fruit carried out by Agricultural Local Service of Bangka Island in 2000 and was awarded a gift. On 8th February 2001 Namlung fruit tree was appointed as superior variety called Namlung Petaling 06 through a Decree of Minister of Agriculture No. 132/2001. Since the release of this variety the demand of this fruit tree was increasing, at present the Namlung fruit tree has spread widely on some regions in Bangka Belitung and other regions in Indonesia.

At the moment, BPTP Bangka Belitung takes an active role in distributing Namlung fruit tree, through technological transfer unit (UAT); continuous fruit tree cultivation program and offered the affordable price of the seed. For the fruit tree lovers and collector who are interested in, may come and buy the fruit tree seeds directly to BPTP Bangka Belitung Islands.


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