IAARD Director: Increase mentoring to AIAT for Successful FFS-ICM

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Monday morning (30/8), IAARD Director attended the Workshop on FFS-ICM at Salak Hotel, Bogor. The workshop was also attended by Head of AIAT and researchers of ICATAD. The important point mentioned was advice to evaluate FFS-ICM either already done or still needs to be done. Another point was about the institutional relationship. He said,”The evaluation results show that the relationship between Local Government is increasingly synergistic and existence of AIAT also increasingly needed.” However, AIAT still have more often come down to the field. “The actual data or report from field is still lacking, although these data are very useful for materials including policies,” he said.

The next point was the achievement of performance by AIAT. He stated that the role of AIAT in some provinces was quite dominant, and need to be appreciated. “However, for handling the problem of pests and diseases, showing that AIAT role is not optimal,” he explained. For instance, in Central Java, many plant hoppers attacked and the land left stranded,” he added. The last point, that the report of FFS-ICM still weak because no report received by IAARD continually. He asserted that the report was very important and not necessarily in written form, but can be made online, then compiled in IAARD.

Associated with the development of FFS-ICM forward, there will be a short-term plan about 4-6 months in 30-40 districts. The program was undertaken in order to speed up planting and pest control, while the selected location is strategic location and endemic of plant hopper. In addition, this program will involve Army that planned to be formulated in the form of MoU. At the end of his speech, the Director also emphasized and expressed repeatedly that we must continue to work optimally and AIAT have to continue to assist and oversee the implementation of FFS-ICM.


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