"65 year ago, the Ceremony was also in Ramadan Month"

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Tuesday morning (17 / 8) on the field of BB Biogen, as also seen in the field ceremonies throughout the country, looks neat rows of KORPRI uniformed employees of IAARD Bogor scope that follows the ceremony in commemoration of independence to 65 years. Not only the scope Cimanggu employees, but also employees from Puslitbangnak and BB SDLP were present as participants in the ceremony which is held once a year. Acting as an instructor is Dr. Wisnu Broto, Directorof BB Pascapanen. In the commendation, stated that we should be grateful this independence, which is filled with useful work for the motherland. "Sixty-five years ago too, our independence was announced in fasting month of Ramadan. This is certainly not a coincidence, "he said," if this year we also commemorate in an atmosphere of Ramadan fasting, "he continued.

Give meaning to the independence struggle, Dr. Wisnu said that the implementation of Bureaucratic Reform by the Ministry of Agriculture should we support its implementation. The proclaiming should be enjoyed by all people, one of them through agicultural development that can improve the life of Indonesian people’s life. "Another example, ISO 9001 2008 should encourage us all to produce a real work," he strictly about the implementation of the ISO. Terminating the commendation, he delivered the message, "Let us give the best gift to the motherland in the years to come". And afterwards, the ceremony ends with solemn.

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