National Seminar in BBP2TP: Providing the Innovation in a Fast, Appropriate and Inexpensive Figure

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One of the main challenges faced by many research centers in Indonesia either government or private institution including The Agricultural Research and Development Institution is how to accelerate the innovation in order to accept briskly and proper as well in efficiency and effectiveness figure to respond and solve the user problems. Regarding to that circumstance, Indonesian Centre for Agricultural Assessment and Development (ICATAD) seized the initiative to organize a national seminar at 15 – 16 October 2009 placed in Auditorium I Dr. Ismunandji – Jl. Tentara Pelajar Cimanggu Bogor. This event was opened by the Director of ICATAD and attended not less than 150 participants those came from different institution either institution in scope of Agricultural Research and Development, Technical Officer, Local Government, Private Sector, Universities or another institution (ACIAR-SADI). Total number of papers was 131 papers where 32 papers were presented in oral presentation, and the remains were presented in poster presentation.

In the first day of seminar, after opening ceremonial, in morning session was filled out by four key papers consisting of paper from ICATAD, Center of Agricultural Extension Development (CAED), ACIAR-SADI and DuPont. Several interesting lesson learned could be taken from those papers especially reflected from DuPont experiences (private sector) how to spread out its products where putting the dissemination as a marketing activity as well ACIAR-SADI with its concept of assessment, implementation and expansion on four AIAT’s. A well experience was also presented by CAED to develop a network of researchers – extension officer – farmer and ICATAD experience itself to facilitate on supplying agricultural innovations. The next session was continued with discussion of acceleration dissemination flows and presentation of the eight of supporting papers divided into two groups. The first group was The Assessment Group, and the second one was The Dissemination Group.

The second day of seminar was filled out to continue presentation of the twenty four of supporting papers covered in two discussion groups, and it also put discussion of poster papers as interval session. The session was going more attractive and having a minor difference instead of the other seminars by choosing the best oral and poster paper. The best oral paper was going to Nurbani, – BPTP Kaltim (The Assessment Group) and Tri Martini, – BPTP DIY (The Dissemination group) whilst the best poster paper was going to Q.D Ernawanto, – BPTP Jatim (The Assessment Group) and Hano Hanafi, – BPTP DIY (The Dissemination group). The seminar was ended by reading the formulation of seminar and closed by The Director of ICATAD.


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