Direction of BPTP in Scaling Up Support FMA

Located in the Hotel Ria Diani Bogor (6-8/5), the managers FEATI BBP2TP met in the event the scope of the Audit Statements First Quarter 2011. One important agenda is the consolidation time BPTP sup...

Working meeting of IAARD: realizing four successes of the Ministry of Agriculture

Working meeting that began on Thursday morning (2/12) attended no fewer than 300 participants consisting of the Minister of Agriculture, Director of IAARD, the Secretary of IAARD, Director of Echelon ...

Director distributed aids: real action of IAARD care

  Located on the second floor of meeting room of Agriculture Department of Yogyakarta province, Saturday (27/11), it has been distributed some aids symbolically from the Director of IAARD to the Hea...

IAARD cares to Merapi: committed to farmers is not just a slogan

  It is no doubt that Merapi mountain eruption which began on October 26th 2010 and reached its peak on November 6th has paralyzed economies and people’s lives in the adjacent areas of the mountai...

Success Story


IAARD Revealed Three Professor at March 31, 2010

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“Congratulations to the 72nd, 73rd and 74th Professor owned IAARD,” said Director of IAARD when delivering his speech at the Inauguration of Professor Oration held Wednesday night (31/3). The Professors are: Dr. Ir. Iswandi, MSc (AIAT Bengkulu), Dr. Ir. Mesak Tombe (Balittro), and Dr. Ir. Arnold P. Sinurat, MS (Balitnak). Though held in the evening at Auditorium II Cimanggu, the event speeches were running well and smoothly.

Further his speech, the Director said that based on the measurement of webo metric, our rating increased by 90 grades, which previously ranked 771st currently ranked 680th. “This is a joint success, congratulations to us all,” he asserted. “And a vision to be a world class research institution would be soon reached,” so he hopes. He explained that to achieve this vision, it takes surrender, perseverance and patience. Various improvements are challenges for a better future. One of the challenges was addressed, namely to prospective research professor of woman, in order to prepare themselves to stand in the pulpit and delivered her oration.

Subject title of oration delivered by the Professor are:
Dr. Iswandi, technology innovation on sloppy dry land conservation and its development strategy. Dr. Mesak Tombe, Environmental friendly technology in integrated controlling stem root disease of vanilla. Dr. Arnold P. Sinurat, Technology of the utilization by product from oil palm industry to increase the availability of national poultry feedstuffs.


IAARD Meeting Series: From the Strategic Plan, Green Agriculture to the Consortium of Research Centre

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Took place on March, 17 – 20, 2010 at the Mercure Hotel, Ancol, IAARD held a work meeting that brings all elements of UK/UPT scope of Agricultural Research, regarding real roles and responsibilities in support of Ministry of Agriculture’s performance contract. In his briefing, the Minister said that the performance contract is very important because it leads us to work with the same rhythm, and lead to the same estuary for achieving measurable goals, within a certain time unit. Performance contract is also basis of work from each program and activities to be carried out,” said the Minister.

The Director of IAARD in his direction set forth reframing the future of R&D topics. Confirmed the existence of three critical indicators, including: human resources, efficient use facilities and funding for research. “The quality of human resources is also related to the remuneration plan in the next year,” he said regarding disciplined employees. About type and number of international journal did not escape from his attention.

After delivery of referrals from the Director, the Secretary of IARRD then connected with the Strategic Plan of IAARD 2010-2014. “Previously I need to thank all those helped to summarize this Strategic Plan, there are only 16 pages,” he began his presentation.

Presentation of Green Agriculture delivered by Prof Soemarno in line with the Go Green movement-style living in the new millennium. Green’s approach s a synthesis of consciousness, government guidance and service to consumers in terms of farming system are environmentally friendly, sustainable, safe consumer products and increase farmer’s income. Green agriculture should be considered for adoption by GoI in order to achieve food self-sufficiency, increase value-added competitiveness and prosperity of farmers.

On the first day of meeting was well done transfer the certificate of ISO 9001:2008 by Director of PT Mutu Agung Lestari to the seven UK, namely: ICATAD, ICAPHRD, ICALRRD, ICABGRRD, ICAERD, ICECRD, and ICFCRD.


National Seminar in BBP2TP: Providing the Innovation in a Fast, Appropriate and Inexpensive Figure

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One of the main challenges faced by many research centers in Indonesia either government or private institution including The Agricultural Research and Development Institution is how to accelerate the innovation in order to accept briskly and proper as well in efficiency and effectiveness figure to respond and solve the user problems. Regarding to that circumstance, Indonesian Centre for Agricultural Assessment and Development (ICATAD) seized the initiative to organize a national seminar at 15 – 16 October 2009 placed in Auditorium I Dr. Ismunandji – Jl. Tentara Pelajar Cimanggu Bogor. This event was opened by the Director of ICATAD and attended not less than 150 participants those came from different institution either institution in scope of Agricultural Research and Development, Technical Officer, Local Government, Private Sector, Universities or another institution (ACIAR-SADI). Total number of papers was 131 papers where 32 papers were presented in oral presentation, and the remains were presented in poster presentation.

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Proposal Seminar: to loom the substances

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Discussant presents a lecturer at Faculty of Economics Management IPB, Dr Muhammad Firdaus, and a research from PSE-KP, Ir Syahyuti, MSi, proposal seminar of ICATAD in this year took place on Tuesday (23/2). Not only was attended by researchers, extension workers, and the scope of public relations from ICATAD, the seminar was also attended by several researchers from AIAT DKI Jakarta and West Java. In his speech at the opening of the seminar, the Director of ICATAD, Dr Muhrizal Sarwani stated that the urgency to bring discussants from outside the office is to refine the proposal charge. “So when the next field is completely ready and ripe for, the proposal had also been discussed better,” he said. From the results, the proposal would be more “bite” and more “kick”, the expected outcome can be perceived and used by stakeholders of ICATAD.

An initiation of Dr. Muhrizal, which is about making the evaluation of assessment titles during the last five years. “As far as the results of our assessment activities have been used by beneficiaries and stakeholders,” says Ka BB. “Also to see how far we have worked with the results of scientifically useful for the public interest,” he added. So that if one day someone asked about the results of assessment activities, we can answer them by standing up because obviously the benefits gleaned from results, that’s the optimism that came out in his speech.

Four speakers at the seminar were: Ir Rachmat Hendayana, MS; Drs Sjahrul Bustaman, MSc; Dr Darman M Arsyad; and Dr Idha Widi Arsanti. Titles activities submitted, respectively, are: (i) Assessment strategy of accelerating the adoption of superior varieties of rice in the location and tidal marshes to increase 200% adopter in South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan, (ii) Performance assessment of Gapoktan PUAP (productive and LKM-A) to increase seed production of commodities (rice, beef cattle, cacao) > 20% and rice farmers’ income increased (>10%), beef cattle (>10%) and cocoa (>20%), (iii) Institutional review germination soybean and beef cattle to support the achievement of self-sufficiency by 2014, and (iv) Analysis of spillover effect of new high yielding varieties of rice in irrigated fields and agro ecosystem tidal marsh with a distribution of 10-25% in some areas P2BN.

At the close of the seminar, the Head of BBP2TP convey that there will be cooperation with China. The hope, we can produce a breakthrough over the activities of this year to meet the cooperation plan.

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