Direction of BPTP in Scaling Up Support FMA

Located in the Hotel Ria Diani Bogor (6-8/5), the managers FEATI BBP2TP met in the event the scope of the Audit Statements First Quarter 2011. One important agenda is the consolidation time BPTP sup...

Working meeting of IAARD: realizing four successes of the Ministry of Agriculture

Working meeting that began on Thursday morning (2/12) attended no fewer than 300 participants consisting of the Minister of Agriculture, Director of IAARD, the Secretary of IAARD, Director of Echelon ...

Director distributed aids: real action of IAARD care

  Located on the second floor of meeting room of Agriculture Department of Yogyakarta province, Saturday (27/11), it has been distributed some aids symbolically from the Director of IAARD to the Hea...

IAARD cares to Merapi: committed to farmers is not just a slogan

  It is no doubt that Merapi mountain eruption which began on October 26th 2010 and reached its peak on November 6th has paralyzed economies and people’s lives in the adjacent areas of the mountai...

Success Story


Euphoria in BBP2TP Cup 2010

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Welcoming the August 17, 2010, a Joint Sports manner that is packaged in the "CUP BBP2TP" re- held. This time the organizing committee is still BBP2TP. Festive event takes place on 5-6 August 2010 in the office BBP2TP. Moment is made as to strengthen the friendly ties between staff scope BBP2TP. Participants are more than the previous year, there were seven BPTP, including: BPTP Central Java, East Java, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Lampung, Banten, West Java (incorporated contingents from KP Cipaku).
Sports and games were more varied and innovative, because there is also competition Planting Vegetables (seasonal crops) besides the familiar competition like Futsal, Volley ball, karaoke, and Table Tennis.

The opening ceremony started at 13:00 pm by Director of BBP2TP. In his speech, he delivered this event as a sporting event together, as a binder bonding among employees BBPTP scope, and to enliven the 65th Anniversary of RI, followed by a manner ceremonial balloon release. Match Day -1: Futsal, Table Tennis, plant competition (annual crops) and a karaoke competition. Day 2: Volley ball and gymnastics.

Starting festivities
The event begins with a futsal match played between male teams of BPTP Jateng and BBP2TP with the results of 10-2 while in the field 2 BPTP Yogyakarta VS BPTP DKI with the score  3-0. Next BPTP BPTP Lampung VS Banten in the field 1 with the score 7-2 while in the field 2 BPTP Jabar VS Jatim with a score 2-2. Futsal interspersed with one female on the field between BBP2TP VS Lampung with 0-2 and in the field two BPTP Jabar VS Banten with a score of 2-0. The second round of male team of Futsal resumed between BBP2TP VS Lampung first 6-3 and the plaza between BPTP Jatim VS DKI with a score of 6-0.

Jatim Performance on Futsal
Comes the final, male team of Futsal of BPTP Jatim showed his class, racing as a champion I, Thursday (5 / 8) they become decisive 2-0 victory over Futsal Team of BBP2TP. While for the branch in the final female team of futsal won by the team BPTP Jabar.

Planting Inorganic Vegetable Competition

Competition held at the back of the BBP2TP cafeteria. In the race to plant, assessment criteria, among others, making the media with 25% weight, how to transplanting seedlings with weights 10%, setting plants in polybags (monoculture / intercropping) with a weight of 25%, dose and mode of administration of inorganic fertilizer (NPK) 20%, watering 10%, 10% punctuality.  Participants’ race teams to plant are composed of three representatives from each subbid / sections / UPT.  Each team must finish planting five different types of seasonal crops within 15 minutes, including the preparation of media, the process of transplanting and fertilizing. Plant competition jury is a senior researcher from BBP2TP: Dr.Darman M. Arsyad and Ir. Zakiah. The juries directly monitor the entire process and conduct interviews with participants. In this competition that comes out as the first champion from BPTP Jakarta.

Bravo BPTP Lampung
Year 2010 seems as the Fortune for BPTP Lampung. Their team performed the best in almost sports, therefore BPTP Lampung is the overall champion, and the trophy automatically changed hands from BPTP Jabar (2009) to BPTP Lampung. This becomes more interesting because BPTP Lampung as a newcomer and immediately became Champion of the Year 2010. While the runner up went to BPTP Jatim, and the third places were BPTP DKI and Jabar.

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Three AIATs Reported Flood

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“Dry season in 2010 is a wet dry. Every time it rains suddenly, on a hot day though. Weather changes very quickly,” said the anchor in one of private television a few days ago. The news about flood disaster was often graced the television screen, such as that struck China and Singapore last week.
In accordance with those issues, ICATAD has received reports of flood disasters that hit the region in three AIATs (South Kalimantan, Central Java and Central Sulawesi). These reports are a follow up report from Memorandum of ICATAD’s Director Number. 737/2010 on Proactive reporting issues and problems of agricultural development areas and reports of natural disasters.

AIAT South Kalimantan stated that in April, two sub districts in Tanah Bumbu district, have flooded rice cropping, with a total area of flooded 3000 ha. In Kusan Hulu sub district, the flood affected areas of paddy fields is a non FFS-ICM area, where 730 ha of cultivated local rice and still can be harvested, but also an area of 1500 ha of damaged crop of local experience. While in Kusan Hilir sub district, areas of flooded rice fields is an area of FFS-ICM which constitutes 770 ha. Also described in the report that action has been done is re-dropping of seed for sowing again, especially in the area of FFS-ICM.
AIAT Central Java reported the development of flood crop area affected by flood in period of January – mid June 2010. A total of 22 districts hit by floods that struck the area of rice crops with a total area reached 20.759 ha. The area of the flood affected maze cropping area of 371 ha, which includes six districts. Soybean cultivation in the three districts with a total of 35 ha was also hit by flooding.

Sad picture emerged while reading the news on Central Sulawesi’s website. Mentioned there are four villages in Poso district affected by flooding. Those villages are location of adjacent field laboratory (LL) from FFS-ICM. On the other district, as well as landslides that damage farmer field and also paddy. Meanwhile, schedule of FFS-ICM planting corn in two villages in Baolan sub district, Buol district has been delayed because land area of 312 ha of stagnant water due to continuous rainfall is still high in the dry season. Mentioned in the report, the follow-up that has taken BPTP/follow-up advice for UK/UPT of IAARD is a watershed in the location of flood repairs by relevant agencies and mentoring move the location of FFS-ICM.

Source: AIAT South Kalimantan, AIAT Central Java and web of AIAT Central Sulawesi. Photograph:

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RED Steer National Workshop: Who-who's to Germany?

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After attending the first phase of RED Steer National Workshop in April, a researcher from ICATAD had an opportunity to follow the stage two of the workshop which took place on 24 to 27 May 2010 in Jakarta. This second phase of workshop focused on efforts to formulate a model of local economic development / LED (Regional Economic Development/RED) in accordance with the conditions in Indonesia that covers aspects of the process of LED, Regional Analysis and Lessons from the RED approach in Germany. The participants were same number as the previous one but different person and institution.

Workshop begins with an explanation by Dr. Mahnke on the Regional Economic Development whch includes three aspects: how to start, structure and mechanism, and sequence of activities that must be done. The process can be described briefly in the following flowchart.

Other materials discussed in the workshop are: how to build a model of RED that is suitable for condition in Indonesia, an ideal area analysis, the stages in building the RED, and how to build a start-paper. To enrich the discussion, was also conducted focus group discussions that are divided into two groups, first group discusses the Developing a Model of RED-Process for Indonesia, while the second groups discusses the Regional Analysis for Indonesia. Moreover, as in previous workshop, this workshop also invites superior of each participant on the last day of workshop to explain the result achieved during the workshop. There are four topics that are presented to the superior: Developing A Model of RED-Process for Indonesia, Regional Analysis, Regional Development Plan In Indonesia: Current Status, Strength and Weakness, dan Lessons From International Approaches (Germany RED Approach). The last day also ended with the announcement of selected participants who will follow the training to Germany and plan ahead.

Participants are selected for training in germany in 2010 as many as nine people consisting of: Kementerian Koordinator Bidang Perekonomian (one person), BAPPENAS (one person), Kementerian Perindustrian (two persons), Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum (two persons), Kementerian Pertanian (one person), Kementerian Negara Pembangunan Daerah Tertinggal (one person), and UGM (one person).


PUAP Regional Coordination Meeting in Sumatra: PMT must build networking

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Strengthening Rural Agribusiness Development Program (PUAP) 2010 is a must. On April 11 – May 12, 2010, PUAP Center Team held coordination meeting for region of Sumatra. The team has already had similar events in Java (Solo, 24 to 26 February 2010). Located in Madina Hotel, a meeting in Medan was attended by the Secretary General of the MoA, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, officials of Echelon-1, 2 and 3 related to PUAP, including the heads of BPTP that responsible to PUAP activities in Sumatra region as well as Supervisor Mitra Tani (PMT), totaling 195 people who served in all regions of Sumatra.

The meeting was opened by the General Secretary of MoA, accompanied by PUAP Center Team represented by the Directur of Center for Agriculture Finance and Chief of Organization and Personnel Bureau, then continued with the presentation by Directur of ICATAD about “PUAP Evaluation on 2009” (relating to performance of PMT). In night, after a briefing by Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Bayu Krisnamukti, the event followed by an interactive dialogue with the main guest speaker that Deputy and a member of House of Representative Commission IV (Dr. Anton SIH and Anshori Siregar) and act as the moderator of the Head of Provincial Agriculture Office of North Sumatra. The second day followed by panel discussion of PUAP 2009 implementation plan and program for PUAP 2010.

Some important points in this Coordination Meeting, are: (i) the communication is still a constraint, for implementation in 2010 several provinces have not sent the proposal and verification of village/federated farmer group, (ii) there are currently s many as 4775 candidates for locations (villages) that have been proposed to UKP4 to be verified, (iii) business correspondence is done through two pathways, the Central PUAP Team and ICATAD, and (iv) according to the direction the Vice Minister of Agriculture for PMT, that with the limited time employment contract, then the networking and creating social-life should be done, and make ourselves and 10-20 federated farmer group as an asset to buld networking.

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